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Well control equipment educational path for Subsea Engineers



Subsea Engineer Programme (SSEP)


Advanced Subsea Engineer Programme (ASSEP)




  • Assistant/Trainee Subsea Engineers.
  • Junior and Senior Subsea Engineers.
  • Senior Subsea Engineers with a minimum of five years' experience can also attend our stand-alone 5-day well control equipment courses.
(Assistant) Subsea Engineers who have successfully completed the intermediate SSEP, have ample field experience, want to enhance their knowledge and advance within the subsea discipline.

Timing &


A training period spread over 12 months that consists of:
  • Four 5-day classroom modules.
  • Practical assignments to be completed on the job between the modules.

A training period spread over 6-months that consists of:

  • Two 5-day classroom modules.
  • One practical assignment, to be completed between the modules.

Aims &

Course content

  • Planning main operations including routine inspections and maintenance of various kinds of equipment among others: the conventional hydraulic and multiplex control systems, riser tensioner systems, direct acting tensioner systems, drill string or crown-mounted compensator systems.
  • Greater understanding of the applicable systems and ability to troubleshoot defect (BOP-related) equipment.
  • Hydraulic connectors.
  • Calculations of: accumulator systems, riser tensioner, compressibility for pressure testing, choke and kill manifolds, poorboy degasser.
  • BOP pressure testing and design.
  • Deep-water operations and equipment.
  • Subsea mathematics.
  • Main components of subsea equipment.
  • Hydraulic control systems, both standard and multiplex.
  • Hydraulic connectors.
  • Wellhead equipment.
  • Riser tensioner systems.
  • Subsea mathematics.
  • Planning and carrying out repairs and maintenance of equipment (rams, ram bonnets, the annular element, hydraulic seals, choke and kill valves, gate valves, choke and kill manifold, slip joint packers, etc.).
  • Designing or altering BOP testing.
  • Programmes.
  • Riser running programmes for deep water.
  • Basics of metallurgy and corrosion of the subsea and surface equipment.


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