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General well control equipment educational path



Drill-through Equipment Course (DTE)


Well Control Equipment Course for Floaters or Surface Rigs (WCEC)


Deepwater Challenges Course (DWC)




  • Individuals who are joining the drilling industry
  • Individuals involved with floating drilling operations and equipment as:
  • A user
  • A Manager
  • A member of a regulatory body
  • Drilling Supervisors.
  • Drilling Engineers.
  • Drilling Managers.
  • Toolpushers.
  • Maintenance Supervisors.
  • (Assistant) Drillers.
  • (Assistant) Mechanics.
  • Rig Managers.
  • Drillers.
  • (Assistants) Subsea Engineers (WCEC for Floating Rigs).
  • Government inspectors who undertake regulatory checks on drilling rigs.
  • Individuals working in the drilling industry who are, or will be involved with drilling operations and equipment in waters over 3,000 feet deep.
  • The men on the rig, supporting engineers and managers will benefit from the most comprehensive seminar to date on deepwater drill-through equipment challenges.
  • Please note: in order to be able to follow the in-depth level of this course, we highly recommend that course participants have successfully completed our DTE or WCEC.

Timing &


  • 5-day stand-alone course
  • 5-day stand-alone course
  • 5-day stand-alone course
  • Please note: successful completion of the DTE and/or WCEC is highly recommended

Aims &

Course content

  • An introduction to the drilling industry and subsea drilling process.

  • Learn about the logic of the equipment and systems which are used to provide well control safety on floating drilling rigs.

  • This seminar looks at each piece of equipment and discusses:

  • The standard process of drilling a well

  • How drill-through equipment works - using cross sections and animations to illustrate

  • The various items of drill-through equipment provided by the major OEMs

  • Proper maintenance routines

  • Unexpected failures and lessons learned

  • Specific equipment failures are discussed and solutions provided

  • Main well control equipment.
  • Basic subsea mathematics (WCEC for Floaters).
  • Conventional hydraulic and advanced modern multiplex control systems.
  • Calculating accumulator volumes, riser space-outs, poorboy degasser calculations.
  • Testing BOP and choke and kill manifolds.
  • Standards used in the drilling industry (API, ASME, etc).
  • Recognising recurring problems with auxiliary and well control equipment.
  • Safe working procedures.
  • Symptoms indicating malfunctioning of well control equipment.
  • Learn about what's different (or what should be different) as you extend your operation into deep and ultra deepwater.
  • Learn about the latest developed well control equipment, systems and procedures that enhance well control safety and reduce downtime.
  • Covers past deepwater related problems and solutions, so that you can learn from the experiences of others.
  • The practical knowledge from this seminar will provide immediate and long-term benefits, allowing you to improve your drilling operation in deep and ultra deepwater with greater reliability, efficiency and safety while reducing downtime.


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