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Dynamic Positioning - Operator model DP/PM

Lloyd’s Register Energy – Drilling’s Systems and Controls (S&C) team has created DP training programs to meet the needs of all personnel involved in deepwater drilling. The training will help bridge the knowledge gap often found between support teams, rig management and system operators.

We have created a three-prong approach consisting of a basic, management and operator model to cater to each audience. We deliver not only the basic philosophy of dynamic positioning, but a comprehensive understanding of all key DP/PM system components, ensuring optimum drilling efficiency and safety.

Course content

– training provides a comprehensive review of the entire DP/PM architecture of the rig, highlighting each component of the system

– documentation, checklists and methods of incident investigation and reporting are discussed in depth

– the assessor includes a breakdown of the types of events and methods used to ensure that the root cause is identified, all incidents are resolved and when possible mitigating actions are demonstrated to avoid a reoccurrence

– audience includes senior and junior dynamic positioning operators, marine officers, chartered engineers, subsea engineers, captains and senior electric personnel

Meeting Industry Needs

Lloyd’s Register Energy – Drilling offers flexible options for training locations that are customizable to fit your specific job needs. Additionally, clients can utilize this training during new build and renovation projects at the shipyard to minimize downtime prior to the rig commencing drilling operations.

Systems and Control

DP/PM training places a special emphasis on the interfaces between the DP, BOP control systems and related auxiliary systems across the entire envelope of operations.


Failures with equipment controls and integrated control systems have been a significant cause of downtime. It is vital that each of these control systems work reliably by themselves and with other control systems.


Five days classroom training

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