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Dynamic Positioning



Basic DP/PM


Management Personnel DP/PM


Operator model DP/PM




  • Shore and rig-based personnel directly or indirectly involved with DP/PM daily operations
  • Drilling supervisors, drilling engineers, drilling managers, rig managers, drillers, tool pushers, maintenance supervisors, assistant mechanics personnel and government inspectors


  • Senior and junior dynamic positioning operators, marine officers, chartered engineers, subsea engineers, captains and senior electric personnel


Timing &


  • Three days class room training
  • Five days class room training


  • Five days class room training

Aims &

Course content

  • provides an overview of the DP/ PM system and its importance to the outcome of the overall drilling operation
  • offers a complete understanding of the critical aspects of the DP/PM systems
  • information surrounding DP incidents are discussed and information pertaining to lessons learned on other rigs are addressed
  • DP class requirements are discussed with a focus on maintaining all regulatory requirements and guidelines set by class and IMCA


  • training provides a comprehensive review of the entire DP/PM architecture of the rig, highlighting each component of the system
  • documentation, checklists and methods of incident investigation and reporting are discussed in depth
  • the assessor includes a breakdown of the types of events and methods used to ensure that the root cause is identified, all incidents are resolved and when possible mitigating actions are demonstrated to avoid a reoccurrence


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