Frequently asked questions

Training Approach


 1.     What is the difference between "Open" courses and "In-House" courses?


"Open" training courses/workshops/programmes are organized at various locations arranged by Lloyd's Register Energy Drilling (LRED). "Open" means that attendees from various companies may register. The training dates for Open training courses/workshops/programmes are fixed and advertised on LRED's Training Academy web site


"In-House" training is provided for the client's attendees only.  It is provided at premises as arranged by the client (these premises may be a LRED training facility).  In consultation with our clients, LRED offers three general options for in-house training:

  • Develop a tailor-made training workshop / course / programme
  • Present a standard LRED training workshop / course / programme
  • Customise a LRED workshop / course / programme in line with our client's specific requirements by adding, highlighting or omitting certain sections/chapters/modules.

In-house training dates are determined in consultation with the client.


2.     Why does a training programme of 2 x 5 days allow for a six month period of practical assignments?


The two classroom sessions of five days each provide the theoretical knowledge needed to work on the drilling rig, but this knowledge must be tested in practice and there are various practical assignments to be completed. As offshore personnel schedules are usually arranged by a rotation-system sufficient time must be available to gather relevant information on the drilling unit in order to complete the assignments.


3.     Is it possible to follow a LRED workshop / course / programme while not working on a rig yet?


That depends on the training the candidate wishes to attend.


Workshops (Rig Inspection Workshop and Hands-On BOP Workshop) are generic low-entry workshops which can be attended by everyone.


The discipline-specific courses and programmes are especially directed at personnel already working on a rig and are compiled in such a way that the theoretical knowledge gained during the classroom sessions is directly tested by means of practical assignments. This is why it is vital that a candidate is employed on a rig in order to complete the training requirements.


4.     What are the requirements to successfully pass a workshop / course/ programme?


To successfully pass, candidates must attend all classroom sessions, complete all required practical assignments and achieve a score of at least 70% in the final exam.


5.     Can I fail a course?


Every candidate who has followed all the classroom sessions and completed the practical assignments has two attempts to pass the final exam. Candidates who fail their final exam receive additional, individual attention from the trainer in the topics which caused them to fail the exam. A re-sit of the final exam is then scheduled.  Candidates who fail the final exam (by obtaining a score of less than 70%) a second time, receive a Certificate of Attendance.


Accreditation and Certificates  


1.     What does it mean that a course is IADC accredited?


IADC accreditation means that a LRED certificate for the accredited course is recognized worldwide. The accredited certificate is valid for 5 years.


2.     Why are some LRED courses IADC accredited and some not?


Non-accredited training courses are still in the IADC accreditation process.


3.     What accredited courses / training programmes / workshops can I follow at LRED?


The LRED courses that are currently IADC accredited are:

  • Well Control Equipment Course for Floaters
  • Well Control Equipment Course for Surface Rigs
  • Subsea Engineer Training Programme
  • Advanced Subsea Engineer Training Programme
  • Rig Inspection Workshop - Land Rigs, Platform rigs and Jack-Up Rigs
  • Rig Inspection Workshop - Floaters
  • Coal Seam Gas & Mining Land Rigs workshop


4.     How do I receive my Certificate of Completion/Attendance?


Candidates receive their final exam score by email.  A digital copy of the certificate is emailed and a paper copy of the certificate is sent by traditional mail.



LRED Training Department assistance


1.     Can LRED assist in booking a hotel when attending a course at the LRED Training facilities in the Netherlands?


LRED can assist you with your hotel booking. Please note that hotel costs are not included in the training fee. However, no additional service fee is charged to arrange hotel accommodation.


2.     Can LRED assist in arranging transportation from my hotel to the LRED Training facilities?


LRED can assist you in arranging transportation from your hotel to the LRED training facilities. Please note that the transportation costs are not included in the training fee.


3.     Can LRED advise the best way to travel from my airport of arrival to the designated LRED Training facilities?


LRED can provide you with the relevant train schedules and route directions.


4.     How can I register for an open course/workshop?


To register for a workshop/course/programme, please go to the "Training Schedule" tab and click on "Registration info" for the corresponding training. Once your request for registration information is received, the LRED office hosting the training will send you a registration package detailing how to easily register for the training.




1.     What are the costs for the workshop/course/programme I would like to attend?


Please contact LRED's Training Department for the actual fee of the training you which to attend. LR Energy – Drilling offer a discounted schedule for clients booking delegates onto any course:


One – Three Delegates – Full Cost

Four – Eight Delegates – 5% Discount

Nine – Twelve Delegates – 10% Discount


Discounts are only applicable to registrations made at the same time 30 days or more before commencement of the course start date.  If a registrant in the group cancels and no other delegate can be registered in his place at the time of the cancellation, the group discount will no longer apply.


2.     How do I pay for my training?


Please note that payment in advance is required to attend LRED training workshops, courses and programmes. Details of payment possibilities (credit card or direct bank transfer) are included in the registration information package which may be requested online. Please select the "Registration info" button for the course at hand or visit the "Contact us" page.


3.     What is included in the course fee?


Course manuals, course certificate, all lunches and the exclusive right to consult our Technical Helpdesk at any time after completion of the course. Note: Transportation, accommodation and all other costs made by/on behalf of the candidate are to be paid for by the candidate/the candidate's company and are not included in the course fee. 


4.     What is the cancellation policy for LRED workshops, courses and programmes?


In the event that LRED receives notice of cancellation of any delegates’ attendance by the client:

  • Over 30 working days prior to the start date of the course; the Fees paid for the delegate concerned will be refunded in full.  A substitute will be accepted.
  • 15 – 30 working days prior to the start date of the course; 50% of the Fee in respect to the delegate concerned will remain payable by the Client or if paid in full, 50% will be refunded by LRED.  A substitute will be accepted.
  • Less than 15 working days prior to the start date of the course; no refund will be made in the event that full payment has been received, or if not paid in full, the full amount of the Fee will be payable by the client.  A substitute will be accepted.


In the event that LRED is required to cancel the course due to circumstances beyond their control:

  • Any decision to cancel the course will be taken 30 days prior to the commencement of the course.
  • Every effort will be made to offer alternative course dates to delegates but should these alternatives not be acceptable either to LRED or the client then any Fees paid in respect of the course will be refunded in full.
  • LRED will not be responsible for the cancellation costs associated with cancellation of travel, hotels or substance booked by or on behalf of the Client or any delegate.  Clients are advised to ensure that any such cancellation costs are adequately covered by insurance.


LRED reserves the right to turn down an application for registration or refuse admission to the programme.


LRED Sales assistance 


1.     Which other services does LRED provide?


For the complete LRED service portfolio please visit our website.


2.     How do I receive more information on closed courses and who should I contact for an In-House Training proposal?


Please contact the LRED office nearest to your office location.


3.     What customised training can LRED provide?


Please contact the LRED office nearest to your office location.

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